Canadian ISPs blocking websites

If you’re using a major Canadian ISP, you can likely no longer access or This is due to a federal court case from two weeks ago, case T-1169-19 filed by the ISPs themselves.

We at PrivaSecTech are in agreement with CIRA, in that website blocking should only be used as a last resort. This reminds us of the lack of transparency ISPs in Canada have with their consumers, as well as the power they wield. It is our recommendation that ISPs begin to:

  • List all websites/domains that they currently block
  • Include a reference to each blocked domain as to the justification for such block (federal order, copyright infringement etc)
  • List all ports, or network services, that are blocked as well as the justification

If any major ISP in Canada does this, please share the link and I will gladly share it here.