Consulting Privacy Officer

Under PIPEDA (PIPA in Alberta and B.C.), every organization is now legally required to have a privacy officer, regardless of the size of your business.  According to the privacy commissioner of British Columbia, one of the biggest deficiencies is found within small and medium sized business; large organizations typically have teams with an internal privacy officer.

Since 2005, PrivaSecTech has been one of the leading information privacy and security consulting services in Canada, and we maintain one of the only blogs solely focused on helping Canadians protect their personal information. We’ve worked with the largest and most privacy-forward organizations in country. We’ve worked with the top privacy advocates and commissioners throughout the country.

As of today, We’re excited to announce we’re offering Canada’s first consulting privacy officer role to small and medium sized businesses ($30k-3M) across the country. Initially, it will consist of two packages; the retainer and incident handling.

The Retainer

For a monthly fee, you can retain PrivaSecTech as the consulting Privacy Officer of your organization. This will include a monthly newsletter highlighting one of the main tenants of privacy in Canada, and give you a range of solutions to implement, ranked in order of cost effectiveness. It will be at your discretion which of these meet with your risk management strategies.

When you sign an annual retainer with us, we will conduct an assessment of your internal privacy practices and offer suggestions on any improvements we identify.  We will consider not only the way you manage any privacy risks within your organization, but also technical security measures that will increase your defences against attacks and misuse.

We will work with you to serve as the vehicle for communication between your customers and your Privacy Officer (us) and we will respond within the legal time frame (30 days) to any concerns presented.

Incident Handling

After 30 days of the having of the retainer package, this entitles you to a 50% discount on any incidents you’d like us to handle; be it from proactive technical security and privacy policy consulting, to helping you manage a systems breach. We’ve dealt with incidents as simple as a basic WordPress website hacked, to $1.1M/minute outages. When public relations and timeliness of resolution are critical, let cost be less of a concern.

If you’d like to know more, don’t hesitate to contact us.